Meherjot Singh is the name, Data Visualisation is the game.

I am a third year Design in Visual Communication student at the University of Western Sydney. I am an aspiring graphic designer capable of creating traditional and new creative graphic designs for any communicational issue. Breaking communication barriers with intelligent design solutions is the most satisfying problem solving I’ve ever undertaken.

I have previously completed a unit in Information Design with an overall result of Distinction, and have therefore been keen to learn what Data Visualisation has to offer.



The purpose of this blog is to act as an online document for data visualisation.

I have started this blog to learn and share what I know about interactive design, and to expand my design knowledge across different platforms. This website is basically a summary and reflection on all things “interactive design”. It provides information on various concepts including key interactive terms, the design process, user personas and scenarios, visual hierarchy and information design. I have also provided some exercise work including examples of flowcharts, storyboards and mood boards. Lastly, my most recent blog post is on links that I have gained inspiration from in terms of its intelligent use of interactive design.



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